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    How long is the approval progress?
    On takes 60 to 90 day’s to go through the approval progress and complete the legal documentation.this process can move quicker if application and all supporting documents are returned in a complete and timely manner

    What does the license fee provider ?

    The license fee sustains the substantial benefits and costumers base of rentwheels Brand this includes technology innovation support and promotion of AutoUnion brand as well as the support the provided to franchise.

    What is a master franchise?
    Rentwheels car-rental franchise give the rights to develop and own an exclusive the franchise tiritory ( usually a major market or region )

    This authorizes your car rental company to sell portion of this tiritory to your own new franchise and axpand your existing business to the entire region

    Franchise the primary “wealth_building” model available in the franchise the industry the today

    What are some of the benefits of owning an A rentwheels car rental franchise?

    By owning an rentwheels car rental have a higher likelihood of success than an independent business in the market.because a proven the business model is already in palace.and has been tried and tested for more than 30 years ‘

    Rentwheels car rental franchise also offer additional benefits like connection with major global costumers (TO’s broker & TA’s). international brand recognition.and franchise franchise support.franchise support is the critical components of success franchise . Rentwheels Car Rental provides initial business Startup assistance ranging from strategic guidance and camerciall costumers service.operation pricing support .to ongoing system innovation and marketing assistance “

    Our franchise model work because rentwheels is only successful as our franchisees .thus we provide extensive support to our franchisees to help them succeed

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